Why this website?

There are two main reasons why New Perspektiva has created this multi-perspective methodology website:
1. Kosovo is a multi-ethnic society and yet the teaching of history in its schools is based on a single national-centered approach. This risks driving the communities further apart and does not foster greater integration and mutual understanding. The multi-perspective methodology should help address this approach which is disabling to school students.
2. The multi-perspective methodology of teaching history enables students to question and analyse history from a wider perspective. This in turn develops them as more responsible citizens. They learn to distinguish between facts and interpretations. They cease to see history as something which has to be memorized – memorizing is not thinking.

The website provides examples of other perspectives and teaching aids to enable  teaching from a more multi-perspective approach. These examples only relate to selected topics in Kosovo’s history. We plan to build on these initial sources over time. We hope teachers and their students will be prompted to find more examples and will share them on the website.